Top Vegan Blogs To Follow

Blend It Nutrition’s Top Vegan Blogs To Follow in 2017

Here at Blend It Nutrition we don’t try to be experts in things we know nothing about. We do how ever want to be able to give our readers as much nutrition information as possible. That is why we have compiled this list.

Vegan blogs are the ideal source for getting plant based inspiration, whether you are a beginner on vegan expert. Below we have listed some of the most interesting vegan blogs. The list have big authority sites and smaller sites, but each one of them offers something unique.

Note: The list below is not arranged in any particular order.

I Love Vegan

I Love Vegan is run by Brittany and William, a young couple living in Alberta Canada. They created I Love Vegan because they were passionate about enhancing veganism and healthy lifestyles.

They feature some nutritious recipes that are designed to meet a variety of needs such as quick and simple meals for beginner cooks and busy lives.

Oh She Glows

Oh, She Glows is an award winning recipe blog that features more 500 healthy recipes.

The blog is run and written by Angela. She likes sharing plant based recipes that she and her family enjoys every day. Her recipes are perfect for meat eaters and picky children. Most of her recipes are gluten free and allergy friendly.

Simple Vegan Blog

Simple Vegan Blog is run by Alberto and Iosune. The love sharing vegan recipes prepared with simple ingredients (keeping it simple).

The recipes are healthy, fast and easy to make. Simple Vegan Blog is managed by Alberto a food stylist and photographer. 

Blissful Basil

Ashley is the writer and the author behind Blissful Basil. She started the blog in 2010 under the encouragement of her parents. She strives to make a plant based recipe that appeals to everybody be it a vegetarian or omnivore.

The rawsome vegan life

EM is the face behind The Rawsome Vegan Life. She lives with her family Vancouver, Canada. Her blog features vegan recipes that she and her family enjoy. Her blog feature recipes that is simple to make yet creative and full of flavour. 

Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa is managed by an awarding winning recipe blogger called Richa Hingle.

Her instructions in the recipes are easy  to follow. She enjoys showing her fans how simple it is to prepare vegan Indian and other recipes. Her blog strives to eliminate the fat and sugar in most baked products.


The Colorful Kitchen

The colorful Kitchen blog features recipes that contain 100% vegan and gluten- free ingredients. Llene is a certified coach, food photographer and a recipe developer. She firmly believes that everybody can benefit from consuming plant based diet.

In Sweet Potato Soul Blog, you will find some simple to make vegan recipes. This blog is run by Georgia Peach. Being an animal lover she finds it wrong to exploit animals for meat and reproductive processes.

Olives For Dinner

Olives For Diner is owned by Erin. Here, Erin likes to create original and delicious recipes. She cooks and takes the photo together with her husband. It’s a fun blog to read full of high quality and creative pictures.


Shannon is a vegan cooking blogger with the aim of preparing delicious recipes to fit every plate. Whether you are a flexitarian, a vegan or trying to become a vegan, Yup Its Vegan will be very helpful site. She loves using whole grains to make her recipes.

Holy Cow

Holy Cow Vegan blog was started in 2007 by Vaishali. Her blog features more than 800 simple, healthy and tasty vegan recipes. Her recipes are fat-free and gluten free. She uses clean, natural and whole some ingredients which are healthy for kids.

The Veg Space

This website is run by a vegetarian called Kate Ford. If you like cooking, eating or reading about vegan food,  you will find this blog useful. It contains recipes, book reviews, and a vegan shop. Perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced vegans.

Ania is the blogger behind Lazy Cat Kitchen. She likes cooking and educating people on the importance of being a vegetarian. Her recipes are delicious and informative. Her aim is to show people just how easy it is to eat a plant based diet.

Brown Vegan

Brown Vegan’s goal is to inform people of how simple, cheap and healthy a plant based diet is. Monique’s vegan journey was inspired by her family and she shares her journey and recipes she use daily.

Mississipi Vegan

Timothy Pakron is the blogger and author of Mississippi Vegan blog. His primary goal with cooking is to incorporate Creole, Cajun, and southern ideas into his recipes. If you’re looking for some fresh vegan recipes with a southern spin you need to visit Mississippi Vegan.


Margaret Chapman Created the Plant Philosophy as a way of showing her passion for cooking. The blog contains tons of guide, advice, and recipe based on her own experience.

Vegan Punk

The Vegan Punk is a vegan and animal rights activist living in Leeds UK. He supports and also takes part in animal rights and vegan activism. The Vegan Punk covers a wide variety of vegan topics like health and vegan news.

Parsley Vegan

In this blog, Jennifer talks about her passion for cooking and trying out new recipes from scratch. She wants to inspire people to try the vegan diet and make the word a better place.

Kristie is born and bred in California. In her blog, she talks about her struggle with animal products and why she decided to become vegan. She has a variety of recipes that are 100% vegan.

The Local blog is run by a passionate cook called Bailey Rae. In this blog, you will learn how to eat healthy and balanced food. You can find a wide variety of content on her blog like recipes, meal plans and a shop.


Sweet Simple Vegan

Sweet Simple Vegan was created by Jasmine and Chris a vegan couple. In the blog Jasmine explains how the vegan lifestyle  helped her heal her eating disorder. They create fresh and simple recipes regularly.

Oops I'm Vegan

Hannah is the Author of Oops I Am a Vegan blog. She strives to help people understand why veganism occurs. If you are a passionate vegan, or interested to learn more about going vegan, give this blog a visit.

Brandi is a mom behind The Vegan 8 blog. She healed her husband’s gut and her stomach problems through the plant- based food. All her recipes are allergy friendly and oil free. If you love baked goods, then this is the blog to visit.

The best thing about her blog is the simplicity in the recipes. All of her ingredients are kept to a maximum of 8 ingredients. 

Brand New Vegan blog shares wholesome and family oriented food recipes that are made from plant ingredients.

Chuck Underwood is a vegan blogger who loves good recipes that are full of flavour. His recipes focus on wholesome food and using less oil.

Vegan Score

This blog was created by a blogger known as Anita, but there are a couple of regular contributors. She is a vegan and a simple person. Her blog is made to inspire and help show people how to prepare delicious vegan food.

One Arab Vegan was started by a young Arab girl called Anita. Here, she shares with you about her optimum health, her love for fitness and tips on living a vegan lifestyle. Most of her recipes are based around middle eastern flavours. 

Vegan Bros

Hola Amigos, Matt, and Phil are the chiefs and instructors of Vegan Bros Blog. They assist their clients to shed some pounds and stay in good shape. This website can help you pack on muscle and become stronger with a vegan lifestyle.

Urban Vegan blog is all about the vegan lifestyle. There main goal is to help aspiring vegans make the switch. The blog is full of helpful information articles on vegan products like clothing, supplements and snacks.

The also offer great vegan recipes. It’s a website you can bookmark and visit regularly. 

Vegan Runner

Here at Vegan Runner Eats blog, Alina Zavatsky offers helpful information for anyone who likes eating whole food and plant based diets. She talks about benefits eating vegetables and oil free recipe. It’s a vegan blog for fitness enthusiast vegans.

The Balanced Vegan

This is a healthy and wellness site for people who are searching for whole food plant based recipes and lifestyle motivation. Jordan Younger is the writer behind The Balanced Vegan blog. She is passionate about food, health, and fitness.

Surrey Vegan

Louise Simpson is the founder of Surrey Vegan blog. Her aim was to offer a compassionate and loving society. The site educates people about the vegan lifestyle and how to make the transition.

In this blog, you will find vegan, gluten free recipes and personal growth. This Vegan Girl was founded by Kristen Shoemaker. Her goal is to create nutritious, simple to make gluten free and pant based recipes that you can include in your daily lives.


Vegan in the freezer

Vegan in the Freezer features healthy recipes and delicious vegan food that you can eat now and freeze for future use. Ginny has a growing list of meals and snacks from home cooking to gourmet fare.

Chic Vegan

Dienne Wenz is the owner and founder of Chic Vegan. She helps people enhance their health and well being. She also helps people make any lifestyle and dietary changes that are required to go Vegan.

She offers some great interviews with other bloggers. Definitely worth visiting.


It doesn't taste like chicken

It doesn’t taste like a chicken blog is managed by Sam from Toronto, Canada. This is where she shares all her favorite vegan recipes, tips quirky thoughts and made up words. She is an entertaining blogger with videos as well. She will keep you entertained for hours.

Vegan Girlfriend was created by a duo of vegan girls from Toronto. They post original vegan recipes and tips to help you become healthy. The recipe instructions on their articles are easy to follow.


The Little blog Of Vegan

The Little Blog Of Vegan, is managed by Holly. She is a 3 time award winning vegan blogger. You will find all the delicious 100% vegan and cruelty free beauty product advice on her blog. It’s a great blog for women that follow the vegan lifestyle that needs some lifestyle advice. 

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