Smoothies For Colds And Flu

Everyone hates catching a cold. It makes you tired, irritated and just plain miserable. I don't like to feel this awful and have recently changed my diet to help my body fight and prevent colds.

I've started using smoothies for cold. It sounds fancy, but it's actually the complete opposite. I've just done a bunch of research on the best foods that prevent colds and started using them in my smoothies.

It's probably one of the most convenient ways of making sure you consume a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients your body needs for a healthy immune system.

If you're interested in learning how you can use smoothies to fight and prevent colds read on.

Understanding The Common Cold

There is really only a handful of lucky individuals who gets to escape the common cold. Most people will get a cold or flu during the year.
The term “common cold” is a very broad and generic term, often used quite loosely when people feel ill or have an illness like a sore throat or a cough.

It was traditionally believed that the cold was caused by being exposed to cold weather for too long. Although this is technically not 100% correct, colds do increase during the cold and wet months.

The common cold is one of the most common illnesses in the world affecting over one billion people a year. Having a cold is often not as serious as having the flu, but it still makes life unpleasant.

The reason colds are so common is because of how easy they are able to spread. You can pick up a cold by touching a surface that contains the virus, through touching someone that have the virus or through breathing it in.

How Do You Get A Cold?

how do you get a cold and cold symptomsColds are spread through viruses and are more common during the wet colder months usually not caused by the weather itself, but mainly because viruses like the rhinovirus are able to survive better in colder temperatures.

Cold symptoms are caused by viruses that trigger our body’s immune system to protect us from infection and damage. There are more than 200 different types of viruses that can cause a common cold.

And unfortunately, there are viruses that can thrive in summer. So if you’re really unlucky you might get struck with the “common cold” during summer.

Symptoms of Colds

Even though there are over 200 different viruses that can be the reason for your cold, the symptoms for all of them will be the same.

Cold symptoms normally start to show after a few days of being exposed to the virus and normally increase in severity before you start getting better.

The most common cold symptoms will normally be the following:

  • Some people might experience sneezing first

  • But for most people, colds normally start with a stuffy or congestive nose

  • Followed or accompanied by nasal drip

  • A sore throat

  • Coughing

  • Headaches

best food that prevent colds

The Best Way To Prevent Catching A Cold

If you hate getting a cold as much as I do you will probably do as much as possible to avoid it. The best way to prevent a cold is by learning some healthy habits you can do daily.

It’s nothing too difficult and it doesn’t need a lot of effort or energy to do, but it will help you limit the risk of catching a cold.

Below are a few tips you can use to prevent catching a cold:

  • First things first – get in a habit to wash your hands. Wash them before you eat, after you were out in public and especially if you were in contact with someone who has a cold. It’s a basic habit, but it works. I’ve been able to drastically reduce the number of colds I get by just continuously washing my hands during the day.
  • Start To Exercise – Exercise is seen as one of the best methods of preventing a cold and flu. All you need is 30 mins of exercise for 5 days a week and you will reduce your risk of catching a cold and flu.
  • Healthy Diet – Changing your diet to include nutrient dense food sources like fruits and vegetables will give your body the necessary vitamins it needs to build up its immune system. Eating food high in vitamin C and Zinc can reduce your risk of catching a cold by almost half. A nice and easy way of eating enough fruits and vegetables is by making smoothies for colds.

What Do You Need To Eat To Fight and Prevent Colds?

Whether you want to fight a cold or prevent it eating the correct food will help your body to fight the cold virus. Increasing your intake of cold fighting food during the “common cold season” that is high in vitamins and minerals will supply your body with the necessary nutrients to relieve cold and flu symptoms and improve your immune system to quickly fight off the viruses.

So which vitamins and minerals do you need to eat to help with colds? Below is a handy list of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help fight and prevent colds.

Vitamin C

Many people believe this to be one of the best vitamins to prevent colds. This is actually not the case, well according to the latest studies. Vitamin c can, however, reduce the severity of your cold symptoms and the duration of your cold.

Some people still believe and claim that they have seen a reduction in the number of colds they get since they started supplementing with vitamin c. Vitamin c is also linked to other health benefits like reducing inflammation naturally and reducing your risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

So there are some great benefits of making sure to get enough vitamin c, just don’t go out and pay an expensive price for vitamin c supplements. Rather focus on increasing your intake by eating food sources high in vitamin c like dark leafy greens, berries, citrus fruit, papaya and kiwi.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important and effective vitamins for a healthy immune system. It’s described by Dr. Mercola to be better than vaccines and can improve your immune system by 3 to 5 times.

It helps our bodies produce antimicrobial peptides which are responsible for fighting viruses and infections. If you want more vitamin d in your smoothies, you need to use ingredients like almond milk, tofu, oatmeal, and yogurt.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant vitamin. It is one of the vitamins you need to consume daily if you want to prevent catching a cold. A recent study has shown that supplementing with vitamin e can reduce your chances of catching a cold by up to 10%.

If you don’t want to supplement with vitamin E you can use almond milk, sweet potato, avocado, spinach and sunflower seeds in your smoothie recipes for colds.


If you’ve been doing your research on the best things to eat to prevent colds you’ve probably read about zinc. It’s a mineral that our body needs for a healthy immune system.

And although not yet proven to prevent colds it can reduce the duration of a cold.

There are a few side effects you can get when supplementing with zinc and it’s not really advisable. Rather try and get enough zinc through eating the correct foods. The best zinc rich food to use in smoothies are spinach, tofu, and flax seed.


A recent study has shown significant benefits of supplementing with garlic to prevent and heal colds. Not only does fresh garlic provide you with antibacterial and antiviral nutrients to fight colds it also has numerous other health benefits like reducing your risk of getting a heart disease and cancer. The best form of these benefits is a spoonful of fresh garlic. The easiest way to use it is in your smoothies every morning.


How can probiotics help prevent colds and flu? Probiotics play an important role in the health of your immune system by keeping your gut healthy. Your gut acts as a barrier between your body and toxins, pathogens and other harmful micro-organisms and when your gut suffers your immune system needs to heal it. This often leaves the rest of your body vulnerable to infections and viruses. By keeping your gut healthy with probiotics you can give your immune system time to recover as well as focus on other parts of your body. Two of the best natural sources of probiotics are yogurt and kefir.

Using Smoothies For Colds

Consuming all of these food sources to make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to fight colds can be hard. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to do it is to just combine it in one simple smoothie.

An added benefit of using smoothies for colds is that the nutrients will be absorb quicker and easier by your body.

Below are three of the best smoothie recipes for colds and flu. Start drinking them for breakfast to give your body all the nutrients it needs to fight of colds. They are especially effective during “cold and flu season”. Use them to support your immune system.

These recipes are only examples of the powerful cold fighting smoothies you can make. Use them and the ingredients above to experiment. The great thing about using smoothies in your diet is that you might be using it to prevent colds but you’ll notice all-round healthy improvements like more energy, better skin and might even start to lose a bit of weight.

The 3 Best Smoothies For Colds:

Spinach and Citrus

This smoothie is packed with vitamin C, D and E from the spinach and citrus fruit and has plenty of zinc and antioxidants. The Greek yogurt has probiotics that will help your gut health and improve the health of your immune system

  • 1 1/2 cups coconut water
  • 1 spinach
  • 1 handful kale
  • 1 banana sliced
  • 1 tangerine
  • 1 teaspoon maca powder
  • 2 dates
  • Calories: 80

  • Protein: 4g

  • Carbs: 19g

  • Fat: 0g

  • Sodium: 150mg

  • Fiber: 4g      

Preparation Instructions:
  1. Wash and chop the spinach and kale

  2. Add all the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth

Sweet Potato Probiotic Smoothie

A smoothie recipe packed with beta-carotene and vitamin e from the sweet potato combined with the immune boosting benefits of greek yogurt will give your body the nutrients it needs to prevent and fight colds. This is a smoothie designed with the intention of fighting colds.

  • 1/2 cups sweet potatoes
  • 1/2 cups greek yogurt
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 teaspoons spices
  • 1/4 cups water
  • stevia


Preparation Instructions:
  1. You need to cook the sweet potato before you use it in your smoothie, so plan ahead

  2. Add the cooked sweet potato and all the other ingredients expect the ice cubes into your blender and blend until smooth

  3. Now you can add the ice cubes and blend everything further until its smooth enough for your liking

Avocado, Almond Milk and Spinach

The combination of avocado, almond milk, and spinach make this a top pick for anyone looking to prevent colds with smoothies. It’s full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that will support your immune system to fight off colds and flu. It’s also a great recipe to use if you want to reduce the symptoms of a cold.

  • 1/2 cups fat free yogurt
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 cup kale
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • 1/2 teaspoons chia seeds
  • 1/2 cups ice
  • Calories: 140

  • Protein: 6g

  • Carbs: 15g

  • Fat: 8g

  • Sodium: 70mg

  • Fiber: 4g

Preparation Instructions:
  1. Prepare all the ingredients as needed

  2. Blend all the ingredients until it's completely smooth

Last Words On Using Smoothies For Colds

The best thing about using smoothies to prevent and heal colds is that you can get all the nutrients your body needs with one simple drink. It’s convenient and easy.

The best way to use smoothies for colds is to incorporate it in a healthy lifestyle. If you eat healthy and exercise you will drastically reduce the risk of catching colds.

Smoothies For Colds And Flu: Stay Healthy All Year Long

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