Red Tea Detox Review: Does It Really Work?

Red Tea Detox Review - Does It Really WorkFinding the motivation to lose stubborn body fat is hard! You start your new healthy diet and lose some weight in the beginning, but then as soon as you hit a plateau you lose motivation.

And as soon as you lose motivation you stop your new “healthy” diet and then gain back all of the weight. You’ve probably been through this cycle more than once.

Most of these healthy weight loss diets are hard to maintain or just don’t work!

But what if I told you that there is a detox and weight loss program, that is easy to follow, easy to do and it also promotes weight loss!

That is what the Red Tea Detox promises. It promises a simple system that will supercharge your weight loss journey and teach you how to keep the weight off.

In this Red Tea Detox review, I’ll show you whether it delivers on its promise.

What Is The Red Tea Detox?

The Red Tea Detox is a powerful detox that is based on natural ingredients. The detox mainly focuses on using red tea the detox recipes.

When you purchase the Red Tea Detox you get a wealth of information on how to make red tea drinks that will help you to cleans and detox your body to lose pounds of body fat safely and quickly.

Red tea has been shown to be an effective drink for weight loss. It works with your body’s natural fat-burning metabolism to burn more fat which helps you to lose weight faster.

But the great thing about the red tea detox program is that it isn’t just one e-book.

It also comes with an exercise and willpower section to create a comprehensive detoxification e-book that is easy to use and promise results.

This e-book teaches you everything you need to start detoxifying your body and promotes a healthy way of losing weight.

The Person Behind The Red Tea Detox: Liz Swann Miller

Liz Swann Miller is the person behind the Red Tea Detox. Liz is a naturopath with ten years of practical experience. She states that she has a degree in Naturopathy and Psychology.

Her struggles to overcome obesity, which she struggled with from a young age and into her 30’s have given her the motivation to help other people who struggle with obesity as well.

She has used this motivation and experience to create the Red Tea Detox to help other people that struggle to lose weight. You can read her full story here.

A Look At The Red Tea Detox Program

The Read Tea Detox e-book package is priced at an extremely affordable price. It will only cost you $37. But if you’re lucky enough you might be able to pick it up for $17 here.

The program is broken down into three sections. It starts with a diet section, followed by an exercise section and then finishes with a willpower, mindset and motivation section.

The book is not only filled with the healthy red tea detox recipes, but there is a lot of information on toxins, dieting, understanding nutrients and how your metabolism effects weight loss.

It is a complete detox and weight loss system that will teach you how to turn your body in a permanent fat burning machine.

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Section 1 – The Detox

Red Tea Detox Section 1

This is the main section of the program and it is the biggest section of the book. The detox section is broken down into four phases.

These four phases will follow chronologically on each other as you go through your weight loss journey.

To give you a better understanding of how these phases work I’ll give you a quick summary.

In phase one, where most people are able to lose weight quite quickly, the program is kept quite simple. You’ll be taught what to eat and how to prepare it to help you burn fat. In this phase, people can lose weight on average between 5 to 8 pounds.

As you progress through the program you will learn more advanced stuff and by the time you reach phase four, you will be able to determine your BMR and use it to calculate the calories and nutrients you need each day to reach your weight loss goal.

This is the main focus of the section but it’s packed with other information that will assist you in losing fat. Some examples of the other things you’ll learn as well:

  • You to turn on your metabolism to burn fat 24/7
  • How to balance your hormones to help with burning fat
  • How to use the right supplements to amplify your weight loss

The diet section of the Red Tea Detox includes the following chapters:

1. Toxins and You – This chapter will teach you about the toxins we consume daily that contribute to health issues and weight gain. You will learn about toxins in our food, water, air, soil, synthetic materials and self-care products.

2. Why Detox With Red Tea – After you’ve learned about toxins and the negative impact it has on our bodies it’s time to learn about the Body’s detoxification system. Liz goes into detail about this and how red tea get rids of toxins and supports a detox. She also explains why the Red Tea Detox is so powerful.

3. Rapid Detox With Red Tea – This is an overview of what you can expect to achieve with the Red Tea Detox.

4. Debunking The Diet Industry – Here she shares her thoughts on the real truth about detoxification and weight loss and how the diet industry is spreading myths to the consumers. You’ll also learn how you get fat and how to red tea helps with fat loss.

5. Introducing The Red Tea Recipe – This chapter is all about the red tea recipes. You’ll start off with a Red Tea Detox Fast to give your detox and weight loss a power start. It also includes tips and tricks and more ways you can use red tea in your life.

6. Understanding Nutrients: What Your Body Does and Doesn’t Need – Liz takes you through the basics of nutrients in this chapter. She keeps it simple so that everyone can follow. She explains the importance of protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber and the effect each one has on fat loss.

7. Metabolism: It’s Easier Than You Think – This chapter will give you an overview of how the body’s metabolism works and what affects it.

8. Follow These Rules To Burn Fat Faster – Liz gives you four diet rules you need to follow if you want to burn fat faster. Its practical rules that are easy to remember and follow.

9. Chapter 9: Easier Than It Sound – This chapter will teach you how to increase the levels of Catecholamine and lower insulin by reducing calories the right way by using short-term fasting. Liz will also explain why fasting doesn’t equal starvation, why you should cut carbs, how to combine exercise with a low carb diet and what you need to do about stubborn body fat.

10. Faster, Easier Fat Burning – This chapter is the practical chapter. It focuses on the four different phases. It combines all the information you’ve learned so far into one actionable chapter. This chapter extent over 20 pages!

11. Continuing Weight Loss And Keeping On Track After The Detox – This is the chapter you will use to continue your weight loss journey after the “main” detox and weight loss phase.

These eleven chapters make an impressive program. Not only do you learn about the powerful benefits of red tea but you get a complete diet and nutrient program.

Section 2 – How Mindset, Motivation, and Willpower Will Transform Your Body

Red Tea Detox Section 2This section will go into detail about the common myths about willpower and how you can transform your weight loss journey if you learn and understand how motivation works.

You will learn how to have the right mindset, set up goals, how to keep an effective journal and how to stay motivated. This section will not only help you to achieve success with the red tea detox but in life as well.

Section 3 – Exercise

Red Tea Detox Section 3

This section is designed in such a way that it will complement the other two sections. It contains a wide variety of exercise that’s super effective at melting body fat and raising your metabolism.

The exercises are designed to be short but effective and if you follow this section to the letter you can double the weight you lose with the Red Tea Detox.

In the exercise portion you will learn the following:

  • The importance of consistency
  • Effective resistance training
  • How to warm up correctly
  • When is the best time for resistance training for weight loss
  • Tips to get started and how to create fat-blasting momentum
  • How to keep working out to keep the weight off

This is all the content you will get when you purchase the Red Tea Detox. These three sections are designed to work in harmony. It’s so easy to follow and if you do everything as instructed you can lose up to 14 pounds in 14 days.

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Bonus Material

These three sections are the primary ebook, but you get a lot of other great bonus material with your purchase, such as:

  • The 5 Detox Methods Of Fabulous Celebrities
  • The Ultimate Super Food Guide For Super Health
  • T100 Great-Tasting Green Smoothie Fat-Loss Recipes
  • An Audio Version Of Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis

All in all, you will get 4 awesome bonus books with your copy of the Red Tea Detox. That is some great value for money.

What We Think Of The Red Tea Detox Program

After reading through the pages of the e-book, I have to admit that I am pretty impressed.

Some of these detox books you can buy online looks like they’ve been put together in a day. But the Red Tea Detox looks professional.

It is packed with over 120 pages of pure value, the red tea recipe is easy to make and the program is easy to follow.

What We Liked About It

The 4 Weight Loss Phases

Like I’ve mentioned before the Red Tea Detox is broken down into 4 phases. Each phase is designed to help your body burn as much fat as possible. It goes into detail to cover most of the questions you would ensure all you need to do is follow the book and lose weight.

Super Simple Instructions

All the terms in the book are kept simple. This makes it easy to read, understand and follow. The red tea recipes are simple and most of the ingredients you will need can be bought at the local supermarket. There are no complex recipes that will take you hours to make.

Easy To Do Exercises

The exercise used as part of the workouts is easy to do and any beginner should be able to do it. You will need to be part of a gym or have your own dumbbells to perform these exercises. But to be honest, for any effective resistance training you would need this.

Does It Really Work?A Red Tea Detox Review From Real Customers

Below are a Red Tea Detox reviews from customers that have had some great results with the program:

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So should you buy the Red Tea Detox?

If you haven’t been convinced by our Red Tea Detox Review then you need to read this article. It’s an eye-opener on why red tea is the best for detoxing and weight loss.

But to be honest, this book is filled with value. Not only will you detoxify your body with the Red Tea Detox, you will also burn fat and keep it off and you get 4 extra free books with every purchase.

It is definitely worth the purchase if you want to start a detox, lose weight, learn about healthy nutrient and keep living a healthy life.

Get The Red Tea Detox Plus All The Free Bonuses Here.

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