How to Make Sorbet in a Blender – All You Need to Know

How to Make Sorbet in a Blender – All You Need to Know

Do you know what’s delicious, refreshing and low on calories? Sorbet! Moreover, it’s really easy to make at home and it could become your new best friend for the hot seasons.

If you’ve been wondering about how to make sorbet in a blender, this article will bring you up to speed. If you have never considered such a thing is even possible – come on, it’s time you realize the amazing potential of your everyday kitchen appliances! Let’s get started on that. 

how to make sorbet in a blender

How to Make Sorbet in a Blender

Making sorbet in a blender just couldn’t be any simpler, provided you have a good quality blender.

Even if your blender is sub par you can still pull this off, but it might require a bit of extra patience and effort. Ultimately, it will come down to the consistency of the fruit you’re trying to use, and how well your blender can spin it around into an even mixture.

If there is a secret to the whole “how to make sorbet in a blender” story, it would simply be: freeze the fruit solid, but then let it thaw slightly before working the blender.

Make sure you grab fresh fruit, to begin with – but as soon as you get home from the market, chop the fruit into tiny pieces and throw it in the freezer.

When it’s frozen solid, take it out and let it thaw ever so slightly – only then you’ll be ready to start. This is one of the best kept secrets in the sorbet industry, if there ever was such a thing!

When your chosen fruit (or fruit mix) is nicely frozen and thawed, just throw it in the blender and add the liquid portion. That would traditionally be water (try using your favourite mineral water, for best results), but some sorbet recipes call for something different:

In fact, you have all kinds of special ingredients to choose from that will make the sorbet so much more flavourful without raising the caloric bar too high! You are in fact only limited by your imagination, playfulness and boldness. 

To make your delicious homemade sorbet, just put your frozen chopped fruit into the blender and add your preferred liquid. Mix it thoroughly until it’s evenly creamy (here’s where a powerful blender will make the difference), and put the mix back into the freezer. Stir it around every couple of hours to get a fluffy texture; when the time comes to serve, just scoop it out directly from the freezer to the table.

Tips to Get Best Results When Making Sorbet in a Blender

To take your sorbets to the next level, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always use high quality, juicy fresh fruit for best results

  • Chop down the fruit and freeze it solid, then unthaw slightly before blending with the other ingredients

  • If your blender is low power, work in small batches to ensure an even texture, then put everything together in a separate bowl

  • Try using your favourite mineral water rather than boring tap water

  • Consider substituting some or all of the water with fruit juice, tea, or vegetable milk

  • Try topping your sorbet with spices like cinnamon, cayenne, herbs like mint and basil or shredded coconut

  • If you want to sweeten your sorbet beyond the natural fruit flavours, try adding agave nectar or some honey

  • Stir your sorbet around and keep freezing several times over to achieve a fluffy, loose texture

Here’s a Deliciously Simple Sorbet Recipe You Should Try Now!

There are many delicious sorbet recipes waiting for you all across the Internet, like this appealing strawberry sorbet.

But If you would like to know what is our absolute favourite sorbet recipe, try out the mango citrus watermelon mix; this is how you do it:

Get started by cutting a mango into little pieces and get it into the right frozen-thawed consistency to get started. Put the watermelon into the blender and add equal parts orange and lemon juice; liquify thoroughly. 

Add the mango and mix everything together, then throw in some peppermint chopped into very small pieces. Delicious and refreshing! The combined power of mango, watermelon, orange, lemon and mint will redefine your idea of what a sorbet can truly be.

So proceed confidently and enjoy learning how to make homemade sorbet in a blender!

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