How To Make Margaritas In A Blender

How To Make Margaritas In A Blender

how to make a margarita in a blenderNo one quite knows who invented the margarita, but credit usually goes to American socialite, Margarita Sames, who claims to have created the cocktail to share with friends in 1948, although the Smithsonian says Carlos “Danny” Herrera created the drink in his Tijuana restaurant in 1938.

While the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas holds the dubious honor of mixing up the largest margarita in the world, you can prepare the cocktail in large batches using your blender.

Knowing how to use your blender to make a perfect margarita is a skill that anyone should have. Here’s how to do it right.

It Starts With Choosing Your Tequila 

Tequila is arguably the most important part of making a good margarita.

According to the popular Bay Area Bites, tequila is authentic only when it’s produced in certain parts of Mexico and only when it’s made from the blue agave plant.

The city of Jalisco is one of the biggest producers of real tequila so look for versions made there for the best tasting margarita.

There are a couple of types of tequila to choose from. The best choice is 100% agave, which is made entirely from the blue agave plant.

Mixto tequila is part agave, part grain alcohol or other spirits. When it comes to agave tequila, you have your choice of silver, gold, anejo, reposado and extra anejo.

Experts say that the best choice for mixing margaritas is the gold version, which is a combination of silver and reposado tequilas.

Variations Of The Classic Margarita

A classic margarita, consists of tequila, Cointreau, an orange flavoured liqueur, freshly squeezed lime juice and salt for a garnish.

However, when you make a margarita in the blender, you can add ice cubes to make it frozen and you can mix and match flavours to create new combinations, as shared by the mixologists at Mix That Drink.

Some options include fruit flavoured margaritas, margaritas combined with sangria or a margarita with beer added.

How to Serve a Margarita

A true margarita is served in a specific glass with the right garnishes. The drink should be served in a margarita glass, which has a stem and a bowl-shaped reservoir.

The rim of the glass is dipped in fresh lime juice, then in salt before pouring the margarita. A lime wedge is affixed to the rim of the glass just before serving.

Of course, as there are many variations on the classic margarita, there are also variations on how it is served. In some cases, the rim of the glass is covered in sugar rather than salt.

For some margarita flavours, an orange, lemon or other type of fruit is used as a garnish in place of the lime.

How To Make a Margaritas In A Blender: The Step By Step Guide

Once you know how to make a classic margarita, you are ready to try the many variations available to you. This short video can help you master the art of learning how to make margaritas in a blender.

There are just a few steps to making a margarita. The basic margarita recipe is simple and easy to make in a blender.

Margarita Blender Recipe:

  • 2 ounces reposado or silver tequila

  • 1 fluid ounce Cointreau

  • 1 fluid ounce fresh lime juice

  • Salt for garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the tequila, Cointreau and lime juice.

Dip the rim of a margarita glass into additional lime juice, then into a saucer of salt. Shake the margarita and strain it into the glass.

To make the margarita in a blender, you can multiply the ingredients based on the number of servings you need.

Skip the ice and simply blend the margarita ingredients together. Prepare your margarita glasses with lime juice and salt, then fill each with ice. Pour the margaritas over the ice and serve.

Final Words

Making margaritas in a blender is a great skill for anyone who wants to host a party.

You can make a large quantity at one time so no one is left without a drink for too long. If you like experimenting and trying new cocktails, the margarita is a classic choice that allows you to do just that.

Learning how to make margaritas in a blender is something you’ll never regret. Bottoms up!

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