Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are nothing new. People have been using healthy smoothies for quite some time to eat and live healthier.

BUT not all smoothies are healthy. Most of the smoothies you can buy from the grocery stores and “smoothie shops” are loaded with fruit and fruit juices which are high in sugar and calories. Not exactly a healthy drink…

So, how do you ensure you make healthy smoothies and what how does a healthy smoothie recipes look?

What Is A Healthy Smoothie?

There is a lot of bad information about smoothies. Yes, it can be high in fructose sugar and blending food does alter the micro-nutrients a bit (but so does cooking food).

Does this make smoothies unhealthy and unwise to drink? Yes and no…Using the wrong ingredients like fruit juices and sweetened yogurt makes them high in calories and sugars.

However, a healthy smoothie that is made with natural ingredients like vegetables, nut fats and fruit is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, protein and healthy fats.

It’s one of the most efficient ways to increase your intake of vitamins, antioxidants and healthy calories.

A healthy smoothie recipe will have a good ratio of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. 

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How To Make A Healthy Smoothie?

  • Skip processed and artificial sugar. If you need to sweeten your smoothie us honey, stevia, vanilla or coconut milk/water.
  • Make your smoothies thick. Thicker smoothies means you feel and stay fuller for longer. If you want to thicken your smoothie without extra calories use ice. For more healthy ideas to thicken your smoothie read this article.
  • Use nonfat dairy like cottage cheese. A healthy smoothie needs protein and healthy fats and one of the best sources of these nutrients is nonfat dairy like cottage cheese.
  • Skip the fruit juice. Always use whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Whole fruit still has all the fiber that takes longer to digest which means you will feel fuller for longer.
  • Don't be afraid of healthy fats. Your body need healthy fats for energy, cell growth and protects your organs. Always try to add nuts and nut milk to your smoothie recipes.
  • Add in lots of vegetables. Vegetables are the healthier option between it and fruits. It has more vitamins and minerals and fewer calories. Try to build your smoothies around it.

Smoothie Recipes For Specific Reasons

Smoothies For Weight Loss

The healthiest method of losing weight is to eat fewer calories but still eating enough fiber,  vitamins, antioxidants, protein, healthy carbohydrates and fats. That is way smoothies are great for fat loss. You can make weight loss smoothies with 200 calories or less and get all the nutrients your body needs. 

Kid Friendly Smoothies
Smoothies For Kids

Making sure your kids get all the important nutrients they need for healthy growth can be difficult. Healthy smoothies for kids is an easy way to make sure your kids eat healthy natural food. Healthy smoothies make an easy and great breakfast for kids

Smoothies For Constipation

Constipation is uncomfortable and one of the most common health problems. It normally happens when our diets suck. Certain fruit and vegetables are natural constipation relief remedies.

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies- How To Reduce Inflammation Naturally
Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Food is often the culprit in causing inflammation in our bodies. Luckily there are also quite a few food sources that fight inflammation in our bodies. Using these anti-inflammatory ingredients is a great way to make an anti-inflammatory smoothie.

Smoothies For Colds And Flu
Smoothies For Colds And Flu

There is nothing worse than struggling with a cold. If you prefer to fight colds the natural way you need to consume enough immune-boosting nutrients like Vitamin C. This is where smoothies come in handy. Pack your morning smoothie with ingredients like oranges, kale and chia seed and you’ll be feeling better in no time at all.

Smoothies For Energy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us the fuel we need for the day. Eat a breakfast with cheap nutrients (like cereals) and you will be tired before your first meeting.

Using an energy boosting smoothie for breakfast will give you the energy you need and it’s healthy!

smoothies to gain weight
Smoothies To Gain Weight (Muscle)

Not everyone is looking to lose weight. If you’re trying to build muscle and struggling to eat enough calories during the day you should start to add smoothies. By adding one smoothie a day you can add 500 calories. If you’re looking to gain weight (muscle), try adding a healthy high-calorie smoothie to your daily diet.

Smoothies For Acne - How To Heal and Prevent Acne Naturally
Using Smoothies For Better Skin

Chia seeds, almonds, and sunflowers seeds all have great benefits for your skin. Using them in smoothies gives you a smoothie that can help you to get a healthier skin without the use of cosmetic products.

Smoothie Ingredients For Healthy Smoothies

Chia Seed
berries for smoothies
Flax Seed
Apple Cider Vinegar
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar Review

The Benefits Of Drinking Healthy Smoothies

  • It is an easy way to get in your daily dose of vegetables and fruits
  • An effective and efficient method for weight loss. Replacing a high-calorie meal with a low calorie but nutrient dense smoothie will help you to lose weight faster.
  • On the go healthy meal. Busy people tend to eat a lot of junk food. Smoothies are fast to make and offer an alternative to junk food. Prepare your smoothie and eat it on the go.
  • More energy. By using the correct ingredients you supply your body with the necessary food to supply you with the energy you need for the day.
  • Healthy kids. Most kids don't like vegetables and healthy food. It is easy to make vegetable smoothies taste great. A sneaky way to get your kids to eat all the healthy vegetables they need.
  • Improve your immune system. Drinking smoothies loaded with vitamins and antioxidants will strengthen your immune system.
  • Fuller for longer. Smoothies that is high in fiber will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Fewer cravings mean less snacking on high-calorie junk snacks.