Can You Freeze Soy Milk

Soy milk is perhaps the most popular alternative to the regular cow's milk within the vegan and non-vegan communities.

Soy milk's a great option for you if you're vegan, or lactose intolerant and not able to digest regular milk.

It's also popular among those who want to stay away from dairy products in their regular diets and a great ingredient for smoothies.

The down-side is that soy milk may be a little more expensive compared to dairy milk. One way you can get around the higher-price of soy milk's to purchase it in bulk at a reduced price and then freeze it for later use.

Can You Freeze Soy Milk?

If you can’t consume all of your soy milk right away, you may need to have it stored safely without it going bad. It's either freezing your soy milk or throwing it out, which means you wasting money.

So, can you freeze soy milk?

Yes, you can freeze soy milk, but you may not want to.

Unlike cow’s milk, soy milk contains several ingredients. When fresh, these ingredients blend to make a smooth, creamy beverage.

But when it is frozen it can separate and once you defrost it end up with a flaky mess. This texture is not always great for drinking or using in beverages, but works great for cooking and smoothies.

So, when should you consider freezing soy milk?

It would be a good idea to freeze it when it is close to the date of expiration and you cannot find a way to make use of it. Or if you found a special and bought it in bulk and love to use it for smoothies and cooking.

Just remember that unopened shelf-stable soy milk stored in the pantry should be fine for roughly one year.

If the package has already been opened, it should be fine for around 2 weeks, maybe a little more, once stored in the refrigerator.

Make sure to check the date of expiration before putting the package inside the freezer.

How To Freeze Soy Milk Milk And Save Money?

Great you've found a special and bought in bulk, but how do you freeze soy milk and make sure it's still usable when you defrost it?

Start by shaking or stirring vigorously to help reduce separation during the process of freezing.

It’s best you freeze soy milk in a sealable container instead of a freezer bag, since soy milk will expand once frozen and can cause a bag to break.

You can use a freezer safe container and then leave a few inches of headroom at the top to allow for expansion.

Soy milk is largely composed of water and a few other ingredients. Soy milk needs space within the container to expand and adapt during freezing.

Before you put soy milk inside the freezer, remember to tightly seal it in the container.

Mark and label the date you put the soy milk in the freezer. You can use multiple containers if you've multiple servings of-soy milk you would like to preserve.

Be careful when opening the contents months later since soy milk will most likely have expanded during the freezing process.

If you defrosted the frozen soy milk and separation has happened you can use this simple method in the video below to turn it into a smooth creamy milk again.

How Does Freezing Soy Milk Affect It?

Soy milk, unlike cow’s milk, contains several ingredients. When soy milk is frozen, these ingredients tend to separate and the texture changes. The result is a flaky mixture which isn't as creamy and smooth as it was before freezing it.

A lot of people doesn't like this texture and that's why a lot of soy milk producers recommend you to not freeze soy milk.

Freezing soy milk doesn't affect the nutrients itself and it will be just as healthy and safe as it was before you froze your soy milk.

You would probably have to try it yourself to see whether you like the texture of soy milk after it has been frozen.

Frozen soy milk makes a great substitute for dairy milk in recipes such as baked goods, soups or smoothies.

How Long Does Soy Milk Last?

Soy milk, have a pretty long shelf-life. Most of the soy milk you can buy from grocery stores will have a very similar shelf-life of shelf stable cow milk.

The average shelf-life of unopened, airtight sealed boxes of soy milk is around 6-months from the date of production.

Refrigerated soy milk inside containers which aren't airtight have a much shorter shelf life, at times as little as one week from the time of packaging or bottling.

Powdered soy milk offers the longest shelf-life. It might be a great choice for consumers who only drink it occasionally. It's not rare for dry powdered soy milk to last a year or longer.

If you freeze soy milk before it's expiration date you can keep it in the freezer for up to six months and still expect a reasonably good tasting milk.

Can You Freeze Soy Milk? How To Freeze It And Save Money

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