The Best Blender Food Processor Combo Options In 2018

The Best Blender Food Processor Combo Options In 2018

Don't Feel Like Reading? Here's Our Top Choice For The Best Blender And Food Processor Combo:


If we were buying a blender and food processor combo, we’d spend the extra money and get the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. It has Total Crushing Technology and comes with a chopping bowl that makes it perfect for people looking for the best blender food processor combo . It has a 2 HP motor and well capable of blending most ingredients.

A blender and food processor is a great kitchen appliance if you need something that can blend and process food. It is also a great way of saving money and space.With so many different products on the market it can be a little overwhelming when your looking for the best blender food processor combo for your needs.

The best thing about these appliances is the wide variety of functions. From making smoothies, juices, and nut butter to making dough and chopping onions. When you buy a food processor and blender combo you’ll be able to do any task in the kitchen.

We have reviewed and picked the best blender and food processor to help you make an informed choice before buying.

This article recommends the top 5 that are affordable and performs great overall. Any one of the our top 5 will be a good buy, you just need to find the one that fit your needs.

Quick Comparison: Top Blender Food Processors


How Does A Blender and Food Processor Combo Work?

The Main Function of A Blender:

It’s a simple appliance that’s designed to turn solids into liquids. So if you plan on making a lot of smoothies, soups and sauces a blender is what you want.

The Main Function of A Food Processor:

A food processor is a bit different. It can serve multiple functions in preparing food. Not all food processors will be able to do what you want so make sure that the one you buy meets your requirements.

Food processors can usually do one or a multiple of the functions below:

  • Slice

  • Chop

  • Grating

  • Pureeing

  • Making Dough

The blender and food processor combo is an appliance that is designed to bring you a little bit of both. It combines the two units into one, usually through interchangeable attachments that fit onto a central unit.

The bad thing about this interchangeability is the fact that you won’t be able to use both functions at the same time.

It’s still a great idea in theory (you buy one unit that serves two functions), but the problem with most units on the market is that they lack in either the blending or food processing function.

This can make it difficult to find the best blender food processor combo without wasting money.

However, if you read our reviews and choose one of our top 5 recommendations you will be buying a food processor and blender combo that’s great value for money.

Should You Buy A Blender and Food Processor Combo?

If you’re tight on money but need both appliances, go for it. A blender and food processor combo is also great for small kitchens.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of slicing, chopping, and grating and you’ve got a few extra dollars rather go for a specialized food processor.

Specialized food processors will do a much better job than most combo appliances.

How To Choose The Perfect One For You: 

Can The Motor Handle What You Want To Blend?

Most blenders are judged on the power the motor have. The more watts the motor have the more power the blades have to cut, crush and pulverize ingredients.

When you do your reviews on the blenders and food processor combos try to eliminate the machines with less than 700 watts. Most blenders with motors less than 700 watts will struggle to give you the results you want, especially smooth smoothies.

Benders and food processors with 700 watts or more will be strong enough to deal with most ingredients you want to use.

The only exception to this “rule” is the Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet. The power of the motor is only 500 watts, but surprisingly strong. It performs reasonably well with most ingredients. (It does struggle with thick smoothies and blends, though)

Decide What You Want To Use It For:

This will come down to personal need, but if you plan on slicing, chopping, grating and making a lot of smoothies you will need to buy a unit that’s capable of doing this. (Duh!)

Most blender food processor combos won’t have everything straight out of the box. Which means you will have to decide on the important things you need your unit to do.

Buying Tip: Put performance before fancy attachments. It’s easy to buy additional attachments if you need it. But you’ll be stuck with the performance of the unit.

Take the Nutri Ninja Mega Kitchen System as an example. The ninja blender food processor combo is the best performer overall, but it lacks some food processing attachments out of the box. If you choose to go with a different model because of this you’ll be making a mistake.

So make sure you know and decide on what you really need and plan around it.

Functions And Speed Settings

This is what separates the ordinary units from the great ones.

The more speed settings you have the better control you will have over the results. The speed settings will have a direct impact on the results of your blends and food preparation.

Speed settings of 4 and up will give you more than enough control. Buying one with at least 4 speed control will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

That’s pretty much all you need to consider when choosing the best blender and food processor combo.

Our Top 5 Food Processor Blender Combo Reviews

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771)

ninja blender food processor combo


  • 1500 watt motor is powerful and can deal with most ingredients
  • 72oz capacity of the big jug is more than enough for 4 smoothies
  • It crushes ice into “snow”
  • The 3 speed and pulse function ensures that all the ingredients get blended for smooth smoothies


  • It’s a loud blender, not great for small kitchens
  • You will need to buy additional accessories to slice and shred

This blender and food processor combo made by Nutri Ninja takes our top spot. It’s got blending and cutting power of 1500 watt that works in combination with advanced cutting blades to give you a blender that is capable of dealing with most ingredients.

The total crushing technology behind Ninja’s blenders is the reason for their successful and efficient blenders. The total crushing technology allows the Ninja Mega Kitchen System to crush through ice and pulverize fruits and vegetables into perfect smooth smoothies.

You will be limited by what you can do with the food processor.

It comes with an XL 8 cup food processing bowl which can only be used for chopping and dough making. You can, however, buy an additional slicing attachment if you need it.

The bad thing about the Ninja brand is their customer service. There are a few complaints of how bad their service is when something goes bad.

There are a few complaints about the quality of the plastic parts and some users have complained about the plastic parts breaking.

Who Should Buy This: The Nutri Ninja is overall a great blender and food processor combo. If you’re looking for a system that can do everything this is the one for you. 

If you buy the additional accessories you would only need this system in your kitchen to do most of your cooking and baking.

Who Should Give It a Skip: If you’ve got a small kitchen you might want to give this one a skip. It’s a very loud blender and the noise might lead you to eventually stop using it.

Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa

The Best Blender Food Processor Combo


  • 1100 Watt motor is powerful
  • It comes with everything you need for food processing
  • The pre-programmed settings for different recipes make it very easy to use
  • 7-year Warranty


  • The blender struggles with whole fruit and green smoothie ingredients
  • It can vibrate depending on the ingredients, so you might need to hold it down while it operates

This is a great value for money blender and food processor combo. It is powered by an 1100 watt motor that delivers perfect smoothies and processed food.

The 1100 watt motor works in combination with reversing blades for the best blending results. The blades can alternate forwards and backward which draws the ingredients in towards the blades helping with a smooth and even blend.

There are pre-programed settings which mean you don’t need to think or monitor it. This makes it the perfect blender and food processor for busy people.

On the food processing side, you get a 5 cup food processor that can slice/shred and chop.

The Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa is not without any faults. The blender struggles to completely pulverize whole fruit and some seeds leaving small pieces of fruit in your smoothie.

Who Should Buy This: If you’re mainly looking for a blender and food processor combo to process food this is the best blender food processor for you.

Who Should Give It a Skip: If you plan on using it for ingredients that are harder to blend like whole fruit and seeds and don’t like bigger pieces in your smoothies you should keep away from this one. Rather go with the Ninja.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender 2-in-1

food processor and blender combo


  • 1200 watt motor
  • It’s the best value for money out of our top 5 picks
  • The smoothie program makes great smoothies (And life easy)
  • The pre-programmed settings means you don’t need to stand and watch it


  • It’s very loud
  • The food processor attachment isn’t great quality

This is best food processor and blender combo on our list when it comes to value for money. It’s cheaper than the first 3 and the results are not that bad. (Not as great as the Ninja and Oster)

It is powered by a 1200 watt motor that can crush ice with its 900 watts of crushing power. The Oster Pro 1200 blender’s success is in the design of the blade. The blade is a dual direction blade which gives it extra blending power to ensure you get smooth smoothies.

The pulse function allows you to blend and crush even the toughest ingredients. It’s a great quality product and the drive system is made from metal parts. (Most of the other units are made of plastic)

The food processor attachment is a 5 cup bowl. It includes a stainless steel slicing and chopping blade.

There is a downside to the food processor, though. It only works with a certain amount of food, so you will need to experiment with the amount of food you can process at a time. It also feels a bit cheap in comparison to the rest of the product.

Who Should Buy This: If you’re trying to buy a blender and food processor for under $100 but still delivers quality this is the one you should buy.

Who Should Give It a Skip: If you plan on using the food processor every day. The quality does feel a bit cheaper and will not last a long time if used everyday.

Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet

best food processor blender combo


  • It’s the easiest of our top 5 to clean
  • The blending jug is made from glass
  • 3-year warranty
  • It's a versatile food processor (slicing, chopping and shredding)


  • 3 cup food processor is a bit small
  • The base is plastic and not chrome (So don’t be fooled)

This stylish looking blender and food processor is perfect for people looking to purchase mainly a food processor. It comes with a 3 cup food processing attachment.

The food processor attachment has a feed tube and you can slice, chop and shred food. The stainless steel blades deliver great results.

The 500-watt motor is not the most powerful of our 5 best blender and food processor reviews but it’s still capable of delivering smooth smoothies.

The smaller motor does struggle with thicker smoothies and bigger quantities, though.

Who Should Buy This: If you’re looking for a smaller food processor and a blender to make the occasional smoothie (as long as it’s not too thick) this is a great product.

Who Should Give It a Skip: The food processor is small so if you need to process food in larger quantities of 3 cups this won’t work for you. Not the best at making the smoothest smoothies.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

Cheap food processor blender combo


  • It’s the cheapest of our 5 food processor and blender combo reviews
  • The easy to clean feature makes it easy to clean
  • 3-year warranty


  • There is no safety mechanism
  • It's an cheap option, so expect cheaper results

This is the cheapest blender and food processor combo on our list. But it still delivers great results on a budget.

It delivers a surprising 700 watt of cutting power, which is more than enough to pulverize most of your smoothie ingredients. It doesn’t come with a lot of fancy features but it will give you decent smoothies.

The food processor attachment only comes with a chopping blade so you are limited in what you can do for with it and users have complained about the quality when using it with some food products.

The lower watt motor tends to struggle with frozen fruit and ice cubes so don’t have too high expectations if you’re going to be using it for frozen smoothies.

Who Should Buy This: It’s cheap and can do the basics, so if you are on a tight budget but looking for a blender and chopper to help you in the kitchen this should be good enough.

Who Should Give It a Skip: If you need more than just a chopper and enjoy smooth smoothies, you won’t like the result of this blender and food processor combo. Rather save money and pay a bit more to buy the Oster Pro 1200 Blender 2-in-1.

Blender And Food Processor FAQ

Is a blender and food processor the same thing?

No, a blender is designed to liquefy ingredients into sauces, soups, and smoothies. Food processors are specialised machines to help you prepare food like chopping, grinding and slicing. If you need a machine to help you prepare veggies, salsa, hummus or grind breadcrumbs a food processor is what you need.

Can you use a food processor to make a smoothie?

No, some of the newer food processors do have powerful motors they are still not designed for smoothies. Stick to a blender or one of the best blender and food processor combination in this article.

Can you use a food processor to blend soup?

Yes. It is possible to blend soup in a food processor. That is if you’re fine with chunkier pieces. A food processor tends to chop up the soup rather than pureeing it like a blender. If you’re looking for a new appliance your best bet is a blender & food processor combo.

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